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A wide range of composer talent.
We are able to call on the talents of our large roster of composers to create the perfect music for you

World-class recording & mixing
Our facilities offer the highest standard to get the exact right sound for you - read more

View our latest music syncs
View clips of specially composed, commercial and library synced music on our video channel.

Commercial music licensing
We have expertise and relationships with record companies so we can clear commercial tracks for you - read more

Bespoke & Specially Composed Music

As part of our music services, we can have original music composed and recorded so that it meets your exact requirements.

Having initially discussed a brief with you, we would call upon an array of musical talent from our large roster of composers, arrangers and musicians to get initial ideas written, recorded and synced to your visual. We'll then work closely with you, through the creative process, adapting the initial demo and shaping it towards a final master.

Our broad selection of composers means we can create music in whatever music genre you require, matching the best writers to help work on your project. From songs and band recordings, to sound design, atmospheres and large scale orchestral recordings, whether for TV, Advertising or Feature Films, we have the facilities, experience and knowledge to make it happen.


For more information please contact:

UK and Worldwide

Steve Rosie
Tel: 44 0207 631 3600


Joel Feinberg
Tel: 212-259-0524

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