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City SoundsSI-CITY
From busy airports to humming harbours, construction sites to residential neighbourhoods schools, churches and restaurants
Motorcycles Snowmobiles and Atvs Sound EffectsSI-MOTORCYC
From gas scooters to Harley Road Glides, motocross bikes to off-road ATVs, to snowmobile racers to Honda Goldwings
Smash & Crash Sound EffectsSI-SMASH
From computer screen destruction to glass bottle smashes, light metal hits to junky metallic crashes.
De Wolfe Classic 1DWCSFX01
De Wolfe Classic 1
Cars 1SI-CARS1
The essential car sound effects collection
Animals & Birds Sound EffectsSI-ANIMALS
From toy poodles to Siberian huskies, Siamese cats to leopards and lions, kookaburras to killer whales
Boats and ShipsSI-BOATS
From Swamp Boats to Ferry Boats, Jet Skis to Ocean Liners, Container Ships to Paddle Wheel Boats
Androids & RobotsSI-ANDROID
From biomechanical creatures and energy flutters, to hi-tech scan movements, cyborg mutations to mechanical responses
Aircraft and AirportsSI-AIRCRAFT
From Bi Planes to Float Planes, Single Props to Coast Guard Helicopters, Airport Terminals to Tarmacs

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