US Licensing Music Help and Info

De Wolfe Music USA is here to assist any person, company or institution located within the United States wishing to use music from the de Wolfe catalogue. 

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De Wolfe Music owns 100% of the copyright and master recordings in its collection. Therefore, licensing is a simple, one-stop process.


Licensing our music can be broken down into 4 areas. They are:

1. Types of license
2. Types of productions
3. Territories and Regions
4. Pricing


1. Type of license


Needle Drop - this is per use in a single production

Production Blanket  - unlimted use within a single production

Series Blanket - unlimited usage throughout a series of productions

Theme Use - unlimited use of one track for a period of one year

Annual Subsciption - unlimited use of library music for a period of one, two or three years



2. Types of productions 


Corporate (internal, b2b)
TV programming
TV commercials
Radio commercials
Internet commercials
Mobile applications
Multi-Platform Video Games
Film Festival
Feature Films
In-Store/Kiosk Displays
Live Events
Physical (DVD) Distribution
Digital Distribution (Subscription Streaming or Download)
Audio Books


3. Territories and Regions 

Local – One state; cannot include a major market
Regional – Up to five states, including only one major market
National – More than five states and/or more than one major market
Worldwide – More than one country

*Major Markets:
New York, Chicago, Los Angeles


4. Pricing


Our rates are based upon the type of production, term, and territory. Please contact your licensing representative, who can provide an accurate quote based on these factors. 


Once you've completed a project that utilizes music from the de Wolfe Music collection, please complete the online reporting form provided here.
It will ask you for the following information:

1. Rights/Media: Please provide as many details as possible regarding the nature of the use (i.e. for broadcast and internet, be sure to include the term and the territory required)

2. Title of Production

3. Total Length of Production

4. Your Client's Company Name

5. Product (if applicable)

6. Track Title(s), CD Number(s), Track Number(s), Number of Uses Within Production:

7. Licensee Contact Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Email Address:

8. Billing Contact Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Email Address (if different from Licensee):

If you're unsure of any of the information above, don't worry, just leave those sections blank and your licensing representative will get in contact and help you through the process.

Music Help - (P) 212-259-0524 -

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