De Wolfe Music Library

The label that pioneered production music and remains an original and innovative driving force in the industry.

The de Wolfe music label brings together the very best in music for licensing through the talents of its composers, musicians and producers. A creative and leading figure in production music since its inception, the label covers most genres of music.


Recent Releases
Artist Mixtape: Sujon AhmedDWCD 0801
Upbeat tracks with attitude including grime, hip-hop, drill, house and electronica
Electronic ImpactDWCD 0803
Hard-hitting electronic music
Organic StringsDWCD 0794
Uplifting orchestral themes for documentaries
Power and ImpactDWCD 0791
Hard-hitting and dramatic action
New DiscoveriesDWCD 0789
Science, nature, space and achievement
Documentary Moods 2DWCD 0790
Themes and moods for documentaries