Artist Spotlight: Ukiyo


This month we give a warm welcome to one of our newest collaborators Ukiyo, whose newly released Artist Mixtape project is now live and available to download on de Wolfe Music.

Ukiyo (meaning ‘floating world’) is a new electronic-focused offering from composer Jack Chown. The London based musician composes beats and scores for adverts, trailers, documentaries and branded content, and has seen his work used by various major brand names including Sony, Nike and Asahi.  Alongside this, he also delivers ‘bittersweet beats and electronic soundscapes’ under his artist alias kiskadee. 
Ukiyo’s Artist Mixtape is a collection of electronic-focused beats and ambiences, combining various genres of electronica, with futuristic synths and captivating vocal samples - a versatile musical backdrop, suited for everything from science-fiction to sports.