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The Complete BBC Sound Effects Library
Hard Drive

The Complete BBC Sound Effects Library is a massive collection of more than 34,000 royalty free sound effects spanning the sonic palette, and covering the globe.

This comprehensive collection contains over two hundred sound effect categories including international ambiences, animals from Africa to Asia, wind and rain, machines, sports, battles and guns, traffic, and hundreds of others.

The BBC Complete Sound Effects Library contains:
The BBC Nature Sound Effects Library
The BBC Historical Archives Sound Effects Library 
The BBC Original Series 1-60 and 61-166 SFX Libraries

The BBC Historical Archives Sound Effects Library contains over 15,700 royalty free effects, capturing pivotal moments in sonic history and sound effects from all over the world. The vastness and diversity of this collection is astounding. Included are Chinese fireworks, Pakistani walla, Westminster Abbey ambiences, Czech chatter, WWII aerobatic dog fights, Big Ben bells at 12, Triumph motorcycles revving, newborn baby girl foley, street fighting in Vietnam, Ford Model T false starts and oil drilling ambiences. Sound categories include Archery, Clocks, Footsteps, Horses, Motorcycles and many more. You can recreate history with the BBC Historical Archives.

The BBC Nature Sound Effects Library offers the most diverse array of nature and animal sound effects in the world. This extensive collection of 18,371 royalty free sound effects has been recorded by BBC's top sound engineers from the late 1960s to the present day. Never before released, this library contains seventy categories of nature, ambience and animal sound effects that cross borders and span the globe. Sounds include apes from Borneo, ice cracking in Alaska, killer whale sound effects from Norway and Ethiopian baboons.

This library also includes 10,000 bird sounds, from Costa Rican vultures to Canadian sparrows, from French bee eaters to South Georgian macaroni penguins. The BBC Nature Archives will impress your audiences with its exciting collection of international sounds from all over the world.

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You can download the file listing as a .PDF file.


Features of the BBC Complete Sound Effects Library:

  • Format: Hard

  • 2,400 royalty free sound effects

  • 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav files

  • Broadcast Wav file format, with metadata

  • Includes MetaDigger Software

  • MAC or PC hard drive formats available

  • sound effects recorded all over the world

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