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Digiffects SFX Library Series X - Cross Section

224 General Sound Effects and Ambience Tracks on CDs

Cross Section Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series X is a selection of general sound effects combined with various ambience tracks. The general sound effects and ambience sounds have been chosen to provide good coverage in 9 specific sound effects categories represented in the Digiffects Sound Effects Library: city, domestic, rural, transport, industry, office, leisure, sports and human. Each ambience sound effect provides more than 5 minutes of continuous background. This royalty free sound effects library is available as a complete 12 CD set, a complete library download, or as individual CDs.

CD Description # of Sound Effects
X01 General Sound Effects from Cars & Boats to Vacuum Cleaners & Fireplaces 87
X02 City, Human & Industry Ambience Sounds 12
X03 Ocean, Harbor, Forest, Nature Ambience Sounds 12
X04 Nature, City & Industry Ambience Sound Effects 12
X05 City, Domestic and Nature Ambience Sounds 12
X06 Harbor and City Ambience Sound FX 12
X07 Transportation and Nature Ambience Sounds 17
X08 Domestic and City Ambience Sound FX 12
X09 Nature, Domestic & Industry Ambience Sound Effects 12
X10 Nature and City Ambience Sound FX 12
X11 Interior Building & Traffic Ambience Sounds 12
X12 Interior Building, Nature & City Ambience Sounds 12
Price £207


You can download the file listing as a .PDF file.


  • 224 royalty free sound effects Digitally Recorded in Stereo Long ambience effects of more than 5 minutes in length
  • Cross Section sounds include: Full CD of varied general sound effects
  • Ambience sounds include: City, Human, Nature, Industry Transportation, Office, Leisure
  • Available on 12 Audio CDs Purchase as complete collection or individual CDs

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