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Cartoon Trax Sound Effects

359 Sound Effects on a Hard Drive

Wildly funny cartoon sound effects from the Cartoon Trax Sound Effects Library. The vault is open and the sound effects have all escaped. And now it is too late. The rare works by the masters of cartoon comedy can be heard once again - in your productions!

The creators of this collection are The Hollywood Edge along with famous designers and studios - names you recognized before you were four years old! These originals are available to you now, digitally restored to their original brightness. Sounds that stand alone or in a mix, ready to convey the wacky message of comedy. The section labeled "Combinations" is extremely funny. As you no doubt know, the effectiveness and originality of unconventional production is what makes the difference in an over crowded production marketplace, whether it be in video, broadcast, or film. Cutting edge, and cutting up, sound effects that'll have you and your audience rolling on the floor.

Cartoon Trax Sound Effects Library also includes red-hot, newly sampled musical cartoon sounds. The combination of today's perfection and yesterday's innovation provides you with the ultimate tool for audio design. Cartoon Trax Sound Effects Library collection is available on five compact discs, fully cross referenced and indexed. Included with Cartoon Trax you will find a fully cross-referenced and indexed guidebook and disc that will provide you with the greatest ease in finding just the right - THUNK!

Price £228


Download the Cartoon Trax Sound Effects File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.

Features of Cartoon Trax Sound Effects

  • 359 Royalty free sound effects

  • Digitally recorded in stereo

  • Originally available on 5 CDs, this library is available on Hard Drive

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