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Human / Animal by Serafine

508 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 1 DVD ROM

Human / Animal Sound Effects by Serafine is a practical sound effects library providing staple nature elements required for post production sound editing. It was developed by Frank Serafine, a recognized leader in the field of motion picture sound design. The royalty free sound effects library's contents are provided as 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav files on DVD ROM. It is a great source to use when creating special sound effects. By layering flanged monkey and human screams or a lion's roar to a sample, you can add resonance, depth, richness and a living quality to the scene of a film.

The collection offers a wide variety of human effects that provide important backdrop elements that you will need for many scenes – it can make your project sound realistic and life like. Both ambience sound effects and isolated sounds are included in Human / Animal Sound Effects by Serafine.

Ambience sounds include:

  • 911 Center, Breezes, Casino, Construction

  • Country, Crowds, Night, Traffic

Isolated sounds include:

  • Applause, Breathing, Eating, Farts, Screams

  • Birds, Bees, Cougars, Dogs, Pigs

Price £699


You can download the file listing as a .PDF file.


  • 508 royalty free sound effects

  • 16 / 44.1 broadcast WAV files

  • Available on 1 DVD ROM

  • 5Stereo Sounds

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