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Cartoon Express

5,600 Royalty Free Cartoon Sound Effects on 10 Audio CDs 1 DVD

Cartoon Express Sound Effects from Sound Ideas offers 10 jam-packed Audio CDs that feature over 5,600 royalty free cartoon sound effects. It provides several octaves full of cartoon and comedy sounds from more than 30 different musical and percussion instruments. Choose just the right comedy accent from more than 3,700 trills, plucks, wobbles, twangs, bends, scratches, whistles, squeaks, squawks, honks, toots, zips, boings, pings, warbles, snaps, and hits - not to mention instruments that talk and laugh. And the Cartoon Express has an extra special feature

A DVD version of the CD content, offered in broadcast WAV format that has been embedded with a full set of search metadata. All the files have been mastered so that the sound effect descriptions, categories and other library information is stored within the file, making it visible and ready for immediate use in many different software applications in both the PC and Macintosh platforms. This is your ticket to the funny fast track – Cartoon Express Sound Effects.

Price £348


You can download the file listing as a .PDF file.


  • 5,646 royalty free sound effects

  • Comedy Sounds and Cartoon Sound Effects

  • Available on 10 Audio CDs and 1 DVD ROM

Provided as both:

  • 16/44.1 broadcast WAV files on DVD

  • Stereo audio on CD

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