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BBC Sound Effects Original Series CDs 1-60 Hard Drive

The BBC Sound Effects Library offers 2,400 sound effects from the BBC's top engineers and is a truly versatile collection. Originally compiled on 60 audio CDs, it is now delivered on a Hard Drive.

The library includes international sound effects that have been recorded in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America – wherever the sound engineer's from the BBC were stationed or sent on assignment. For international ambiences from Greece to Pakistan – and a wealth of animal, human, comedy, foley, science fiction and transportation sound effects – choose the BBC Sound Effects Library – CDs 1-60 on Hard Drive.

Major categories include:

  • footsteps, guns, transportation and foley

  • applause, household, humans and science fiction

  • industry, machinery, sports, weather… and much more. 

Price £421


You can download the file listing as a .PDF file.

This library is delivered as 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav files and contains rich embedded metadata for pinpoint sound effects searches. All sound effects are descriptively named and intuitively categorised in folders with descriptive names for easy browsing. The BBC Sound Effects Library's metadata is compatible with Pro Tools, AVID, Final Cut Pro, NetMix, Soundminer, BaseHead and other asset management systems.


  • 2,400 royalty free sound effects

  • 16bit/44.1kHz, 16bit/48kHz, 24bit/48kHz broadcast wav files

  • All files with metadata

  • MAC or PC hard drive formats available

  • sound effects recorded all over the world

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