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UK Licensing Music Help and Info

The clearance and usage of our music in the UK is administered by PRS for Music. Please see below for details on how to use our music, costs and more.

Music Help - 020 7631 3600 -

Licensing production music in the UK is a very straightforward process. If you haven’t used or licensed production music before you will need to register your contact details with MCPS (part of PRS for Music).

Benefits of licensing include:

 - You will receive pre-clearance for any type of use
 - Easy to clear music for world-wide use


First step

Use the links below to license music online, get costs and other useful information from PRS for Music.

PRS For Music - licensing help & costs

PRS Licence Manager
Apply for music licence
Production music guide
Production music FAQs

Rates and Costs
Please note: rates shown are for either a 30 second unit, per track or per production:

Get a Quote
PRS Rate Card

Next steps

Once you have finalized your music tracks you will need to obtain a licence for the use of music within your production.
Before you start the licensing process you will need to have the following information to hand:

1. the track name, its catalogue number, composer and publisher/label
2. the duration(s) to be used.
3. the production name and the type of production e.g. advertising, television, online etc.
4. the territory where the production is going to be shown.


The Licence Manager Application will help you through each step of the licensing process but if you need any further assistance we'll be happy to help - please contact
Music Help - 020 7631 3600 -

More about licences
Licences issued by MCPS (part of PRS for Music) cover the right to reproduce the musical work and sound recording.

Online - You will also need to have in place a Performing Right Online Licence if the production is going to be shown on a company’s own website (see below)


Additional information

Performing Right Online Licence

Under UK law, the act of downloading, streaming and podcasting involves two separate licensable rights: 

1. The mechanical right (the copying of the musical work) – see the rates above


2. The performing right (the communication to the public of the musical work) 

Therefore, when using Production Music online, in addition to licensing the mechanical right through the rate card, a Performing Right Online Licence (PROL) is also required.

The licence is valid for 12 months, and requires licensees to provide a report of the musical works that have been used. 

Please visit and complete an application form to apply

PROL Tariff

Fees are calculated in blocks of £62 ( VAT.) Allowances per block vary depending on the level of usage. Please refer to the tables below for more details. 

Music services 

Service type  Allowance per £62 ( VAT) block 
On demand streams  Up to 45,000 streams per annum 

Background to a website (akin to webcasting) 

Up to 120,000 streams per annum 
Permanent downloads  Up to 5,000 downloads per annum 
Ringtones  Up to 1,000 downloads per annum 



License online now (UK only)

PRS Online Licence Manager
Available here


UK Production Music Rates

Download the latest PRS for Music Production Music rates.


Further Help

The UK team are here to help
020 7631 3600

Steve Rosie - All Enquiries & Republic Of Ireland

Oliver Gamston - Television & Advertising