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November 2010

Angel Studios launch re-vamped website

Angel Studios have completely re-designed their website! With detailed, updated photos of Angel's three studios, new equipment and microphone lists, a news page and much more, the improved site gives a comprehensive overview of the recording complex, its staff and clients.

Based in Islington, Angel Studios was converted from an old church by de Wolfe and hosts some of the world's finest composers for anything from major Hollywood and UK film productions to television scores, major orchestras and chart-topping pop and rock acts.

Recent projects completed at Angel include soundtrack for Never Let Me Go, starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan, and pop artists Adele,Westlife, The X Factor, Cee-Lo Green and James Blunt have recently been in. Check out the site here

Visit the site here

November 2010

Shaw Brothers Kung-Fu Classics Re-Released 

Kung Fu film fans out there will be delirious with the news that several of the Shaw Brother's classics, which de Wolfe supplied incidental music and title themes for during the ‘70's and ‘80's, have been re-released on DVD and in several new box-sets.

November 9th sees the release of the swordplay classicsBastard Swordsman (1983) and Return Of The Bastard Swordsman (1984), andShaolin Mantis (1978) is out on November 16th, while other titles with de Wolfe soundtracks including The Brave Archer, Two Champions of Shaolin, Shaolin Intruders, Legendary Weapons of China and many more are now available in the ‘Legendary Heroes' series of box-sets.

The music from the plethora of Shaw Brother's films soundtracked by de Wolfe is available on our commercial release, Kung Fu Supersounds, available over at the de Wolfe shop, iTunes and all good online retail outlets.

Watch a Classic clip from SB here

October 2010

De Wolfe to release 'Top Dog: A Retrospective of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982'

Out on November the 8th, 'Top Dog' is the long-anticipated fourth album in the de Wolfe commercial series, celebrating 100 years of outstanding production music from the prolific vaults of de Wolfe publishing.

The 26 tracks on the album are a mixture of some of the nation's favourite television and radio themes including Vision On, Roobarb, Monty Python's Flying Circus, George & Mildred and the classic number one single Eye Level, a.k.a. the theme from Van der Valk. There's also many more iconic and instantly recognisable cues on the album, including some previously unreleased specially composed cues that have never before seen the light of day, even as ‘library' releases. All the tracks have been lovingly re-mastered from the original tapes.

Buy Top Dog here.

May 2010

5 Commercial Releases from the Rouge Back Catalogue

Voiceprint Records, one of the leading independent record companies in the world, has recently licensed five albums from the Rouge Music Catalogue.

Under the banner 'Music for TV and Film', albums by Darryl Way (Curved Air), Anthony Phillips (Genesis), Kevin Peek (Sky), Karl Jenkins (Soft Machine/Adiemus) and Mike Ratledge (Soft Machine) have been released. All of these artists contributed to Rouge in the early stages of their careers and these recordings prove interesting and collectable to their fans.


April 2010

De Wolfe Provides Music For Monty

The second season of Tigress Productions' highly popular 'Monty Halls' Great Hebridean Escape' sees marine biologist and professional diver Monty Halls move into a restored crofter's cottage on the Hebridean island of North Uist and become a volunteer wildlife ranger for the duration of the six-part series.

De Wolfe provided roughly half of the incidental music throughout the entire series from its library, including several recently commissioned tracks by composer Simon Stewart, while commercial tracks completed the rest of the score.

To hear some more of Simon Stewart's tracks, click here.


January 2010

Ian Dury Biopic to be Released with Music from De Wolfe

The new Mat Whitecross film, “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”, a biopic of the legendary Blockheads' singer Ian Dury, is due in cinemas on January 8th with a cast including Ray Winstone, Naomie Harris, Mackenzie Crook and Andy Serkis as Dury.

De Wolfe provided the incidental music for the film, while the Blockheads tracks themselves were re-recorded by the original band members with Serkis on vocals.

P.S. 12th Feb - Since writing, Andy Serkis has won the Evening Standard film award for Best Actor. Congratulations to him, we hope it'll be the first of many!

Watch the trailer on YouTube here

November 2009

Little Big Planet, featuring Left Bank 2, wins ‘Game Of The Year' 2009

Congratulations to Molecule Media, who have scored a massive hit in the gaming world this year with their groundbreaking family-friendly game, ‘Little Big Planet'.

The game has won awards in several categories at the 2009 Interactive Achievement Awards, including the coveted overall ‘Game of the Year' prize from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

The game includes the popular de Wolfe track ‘Left Bank 2' by Wayne Hill, which is available for LBP fans to buy from the dewolfeshop here

October 2009

De Wolfe Down Under

De Wolfe has provided the new theme tune for the popular ‘Lateline' show in Australia. ‘Lateline' is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news analysis program which airs at 10.30pm every evening.

The title track is Dave Sharp's ‘Hitting Headlines'.

October 2009

Theme from ‘Man About the House' Used in the BBC's Top Gear

Anyone who caught the last episode in the current series of Top Gear on BBC2 may have noticed the track
'Up to Date', Johnny Hawksworth's theme tune to seventies sitcom ‘Man About The House', produced and published by de Wolfe.

In one of the funniest Top Gear episodes ever, Clarkson and May were tasked with becoming ‘Ad Men' and making a TV commercial for the new Volkswagen Sirocco TDi, most of which ended in explosions of some type. James May's early attempt featured a flatulent mother-in-law in the back seat, with the theme tune to the sitcom in the background.

Watch the clips on Top Gear website here.

March 2009

Music from Monty Python's Flying Circus Released

Tracks from the classic 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' TV series has been released for the first time ever as the next instalment in the de Wolfe commercial series of albums.

Described by Terry Jones as "the only record you can play 'What's That Sketch?' with", the album has music from classic Python skits which originally aired between 1969 - 1974, like 'Russian 42nd International Clambake' and the 'Spot The Loony' sketch, all previously unreleased and remastered for the 30-track album.

It's a must for Python fans. Order your copy from the de Wolfe Shop.


January 2009

De Wolfe Celebrates its Centenary

De Wolfe has reached a milestone in its history this year, a remarkable one hundred years after its foundation by Meyer de Wolfe in 1909. The company has since developed into the world's largest independent production music library with over 80,000 tracks, most of which can be downloaded from this site, and boasts credits ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to computer games, advertising campaigns and British sitcoms.

Having supplied music to the UK's first ever TV commercial, won an Ivor Novello Award, reached number one in the UK charts, built its own studio complex, released the world's first digital music library, published some of the UK's best known theme tunes and even recently been sampled by Beyoncé, de Wolfe can not only look on its past with pride but also to its future with confidence.

By continually tracking the very latest musical trends and technologies, de Wolfe is at the forefront of today's ever-changing media service industry. An international market leader with the service values of a family independent, the present day company is exactly how Meyer de Wolfe would have wanted it!



October 2008

Commercial Release: ‘Kung Fu Supersounds' is Out Now!

With the help of Joel Martin, one half of Quiet Village, we've compiled some rare slices of OST ephemera from the de Wolfe library used in the legendary Shaw Brothers' Kung Fu movies during the seventies and early eighties. Released through de Wolfe's fledgling commercial label, the original cues have all been put together for an epic 43 track album to produce what has to be the ultimate ‘must-have' release this year for cult film and soundtrack boffins everywhere.

The Shaw Brothers made the original martial arts movies, which were shown late-night to the Far East blue collar crowd hungry for action and thrills. The films spawned a plethora of spin-offs and copies, and are the acknowledged inspiration behind Quentin Tarantino's ‘Kill Bill' films (The Shaw's “SB” logo was shown at the beginning of the movie!) - but none have quite captured the gritty delights of the originals. Kung Fu Supersounds consists of some of the best and most innovative scores from those cult classics, including Return To The 36th Chamber (1980) and Invincible Shaolin (1978), and many more.

Order your copy here

November 2008

'Little Big Planet' Featuring The Noveltones is Released

One of the hotly anticipated releases of the year for the PS3 – Little Big Planet – has finally hit the shops to a euphoric reception from the gaming press. The game includes the ‘60s de Wolfe classic ‘Left Bank 2' by Wayne Hill, performed by The Noveltones, and has clocked up a series of five-star reviews and praise for its revolutionary customisable gameplay.

The Times say that “you can customise your doll character, decorate the landscape and then race through the levels either on your own or with friends online. The title is highly imaginative, with swish stylised graphics. It also has a surreal and very British sense of humour.”

For those who want to download the track from the game, it's on sale here.


September 2008

De Wolfe Soundtracks Outrageous New Show on ITV2

De Wolfe has supplied music for a new 6-part series on ITV2. ‘No Heroics' is on every Thursday at 10.30pm. Described as a cross between “Heroes”, “Cheers” and “The Office,” the show follows four friends and superheroes that spend their off-duty time hanging out at the local hero pub, The Fortress.

According to the preview “they drink, curse, bitch, moan, and complain about the lack of respect they get from the populace at large. It's a peculiarly British take on the world of superheroes, which means self-loathing, self-deprecation, and sexual innuendo…”

Watch the trailer on our Youtube Channel here.

May 2008

The Noveltones Return

De Wolfe artists The Noveltones, who performed 'The Gonk' and 'Left Bank 2' kitch classics, are back in demand! 'Left Bank 2', which was originally used as the gallery sequence for the BBC series ‘Vision On' and is a tune that crops up everywhere from Top Gear to commercials for Picture Loans, will be used in a new game for the Playstation 3. The Noveltones are set to feature on the soundtrack alongside unlikely counterparts The Go Team and the influential Malian composer Toumani Diabete.

The game, a twist on the 'platform' format called Little Big Planet, has been developed by British company Media Molecule for Sony and is already drawing interest in the gaming world, despite it not being due for release until September 2008. Games industry pundits are expecting the game to be a landmark and Slashdot Games editor Michael Zenke is predicting that the game could be the PlayStation 3's killer application; "if these elements are for real, this is the reason to buy PlayStation 3" he said.

Listen on our Youtube Channel here.

January 2008

De Wolfe in ‘Sicko' Shock Doc

Michael Moore is rocking the boat again as his new documentary, ‘Sicko' hits the shops on DVD this week. This time his usual acerbic with is directed at Nixon's promotion of HMOs in the seventies and health care in the United States compared to free, universal care in other countries. Despite stepping on a few toes the film got a big thumbs up at Cannes and critics have claimed it his best work yet.

De Wolfe is proud to have had several tracks included in the milestone documentary, with more featured on parts of the DVD. Tracks from the de Wolfe library by Paul LawlerFrederic TalgornJack TrombeyTim Souster and Simon Haseley all make an appearance.

Recently de Wolfe has had a slew of tracks used in Hollywood; The Simpsons Movie, American Gangster, Talladega Nights, Nancy Drew and Tarantino's Grindhouse all include music from our library. Lets hope there's more to come - watch this space for news of any more de Wolfe tracks gracing the big screen. 

November 2007

Deadly Avenger - Blossoms & Blood

Serial de Wolfe sampler Deadly Avenger is at it again with his new album Blossoms & Blood. The first track on the new album "We Took Vegas" samples the classic Simon Hasely track "Hammerhead".
The last track on the album 'Exit' also samples a classic Simon Hasely track "Precinct".

Blossoms & Blood gets a big thumbs up from us at de Wolfe and is due for release early 2008. 

Listen to 'We Took Vegas on Youtube here.

October 2007

36 Second Wonder (bra)

It's back! The shortest song ever to enter the UK Singles Charts - a THIRTY-SIX second track about women's underwear - has re-entered at number 26.

The ditty, ‘The Ladies Bras' by Jonny Trunk and Wisbey, which features the line “the ladies knickers and the ladies bras” over a kitsch organ backing, entered the charts back in August at No.70, thanks to Danny Baker who first previewed the song in July. It now has a Facebook fan page and unofficial YouTube videos have begun appearing on the Internet.

The (annoyingly!) catchy organ riff used in ‘The Ladies Bras' is based on de Wolfe track ‘The Gonk', written by Herbert Chappell and performed by the legendary Noveltones. The song is named after a ‘60s fairground prize made out of wood and hair (if you must know…) and was originally aired on television as the theme tune to Thames TV's children's show, ‘Seeing And Doing', which ran from 1971-1989. It also turned up in 1978's classic zombie flick ‘Dawn Of The Dead'.

Find out more on Trunk Records site here.

November 2007

De Wolfe Go Commercial!

De Wolfe is proud to announce that we are breaking into the commercial market with a compilation series including some of the finest tracks from the depths of our back-catalogue. The collectable albums will each be themed and will group sought-after film cues and production music into similar respective genres and styles.

The series begins with the release of Bite Harder, an awesome sampler of some of our finest ‘70s breakbeats, loungecore, funk and psychedelic rock, featuring the era's best session musicians. Herbie Flowers, Barry Morgan, Johnny Hawksworth, The Electric Banana and Ronnie Verrell all make an appearance and among the tracks you'll find samples used by Beyonce, Kool G Rap, Cam'Ron, High and Mighty and more.

This is the first album in the series so keep an eye open for future de Wolfe commercial releases. 

Buy 'Bite harder' 
De Wolfe Shop here
Itunes here
Amazon here

July 2007

De Wolfe Soundtracks 2K Sports Game

2K Sports' Ice Hockey game for the X-Box 360, PS2 and PS3 features several incidental music tracks from the de Wolfe library.

The imaginatively titled NHL2K8 has been receiving hot reviews in the States and its stunning next-gen visuals has led to it being called 2007's best looking Ice Hockey game. Best sounding as well we hope!

More from 2K Sports here

June 2007


De Wolfe are delighted that Sir Trevor McDonalds new Sunday night programme is using De Wolfe title theme "Hitting Headlines" composed by Dave Sharp.

News Knight is a brand new satirical comedy series that sees Sir Trevor McDonald as you've never seen him before, dissecting the top news stories of the past seven days. 

Joining him each week will be stand-up comedian Marcus Brigstocke (Late Edition, BBC Radio 4) plus two other well-known comedians who will change each week.

April 2007

Sing along to De Wolfe!

Lily Allens single "littlest thing" which sampled the De Wolfe track Emmanuel has been included on London Studios new playstation game Singstar - Pop Hits. 

Other starts involved in this game include Madonna, Busted, P!nk, Westlife, Elvis, Avril Lavigne and many more huge names.

April 2007

Dead Silence

From the makers of Saw comes Universal Pictures' new fright-fest 'Dead Silence' starring Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta and Donnie Wahlberg.

The film features Rouge Music's 'Lucky in Love' composed by Alex Heffes.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here.

January 2007

Mos Def samples De Wolfe

Sampled on the Mos Def's track 'Lifetime' from the album 'True Magic' is his first full-length project since 2004's 'The New Danger'. It's the third solo album from the New York rapper and is his last album on Geffen Records. Production duties are supplied by Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Rich Harrison, among others. 

Listen to the track on YouTube here.

December 2006

Churchill's Bodyguard

De Wolfe were delighted to be involved in the music for this series, first aired on the UKTV History Channel and then on BBC 2 over the Christmas period. 

Walter Thompson, a protection officer from Scotland Yard, spent almost 18 years guarding Winston Churchill, from 1921 to 1945, with a break in the 1930s. His presence was so constant that, as he ruefully admitted, he became a "perpetual annoyance" to Churchill's wife, Clementine. But his job gave him a unique insight into the great man's strengths and flaws - as the series reveals.

Buy the DVD on Amazon here

December 2006

The Littlest thing

De Wolfe get involved in the Latest Lily Allen release 'Littlest Things' released on December 11th 2006

The third single to be taken from Lily's debut album 'Alright, Still' Littlest Things takes the pace a little slower. This is a top contender for the Christmas number one spot. 

The track samples the De Wolfe track Emmanuelle (original film score music).

Watch the Music Video on YouTube here

November 2006

The Prestige

The release of acclaimed director Christopher Nolan's new film The Prestige, a supernatural thriller following the rivalry between two magicians attempting to perform the ultimate illusion. Starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson.

The film features de Wolfe's 'Tripping Gaily' composed by Ena Baga.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here

October 2006

Harmony Update 7 - Now shipping

The seventh release of our Harmony hard drive system is shipping in October to all Harmony users.

To find out more about Harmony, or to arrange a demonstration, in th UK please
call 020 7631 3600

Outside the UK please or your local de Wolfe agent, or simply email.


April 2006

Failure To Launch

De Wolfe tracks' Devil Woman' and 'Go Faster' feature in the US Box Office #1 Failure To Launch a kooky comedy where a thirtysomething slacker suspects his parents of setting him up with his 'dream girl' so he'll finally vacate their home, starring Matthew McConaughey & Sarah Jessica Parker.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here

March 2006

De wolfe gets a remix for the Commonwealth Games

The 2006 Commonwealth Games, officially the 'XVIII Commonwealth Games', in Melbourne Australia start on the 15th of this month.

We are very excited to be involved with the BBC. Their Commonwealth Games coverage theme is a Deadly Avenger remix of the de Wolfe classic Hammerhead composed by Simon Haseley

Watch the theme on YouTube here

January 2006

Brokeback Mountain 

Brokeback Mountain has already been mooted as one of the films of the year, and we here at de Wolfe are extremely proud that one of our tracks, “I'll Be Gone” by Terry Gadsden  & F. Kinck-Petersen was included in the film. 

The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams and was directed by Oscar winner Ang Lee.

Watch the theme on YouTube here

December 2005

De Wolfe stars on the ITV Album.

A new Album from ITV with 50 of their best all time theme tunes hasbeen released. 
We are delighted that six de Wolfe tracks have been included. These include the theme from "Van Der Valk", "Strike It Lucky" and "Man About The House". 

Buy the album on Amazon here

October 2005

De Wolfe Music's top tracks of the 60s

Italian label Plastic has put together some of de Wolfe's finest production music tracks from the 60s in their 'Morphine Mambo Jazz Club' album. The compilation brings together tracks from some of our finest composers of the era including Reg Tilsley, Johnny Hawksworth and Keith Papworth

The album is available on discogs here

October 2005

Churchill's Bodyguard Airs

De Wolfe has provided the music for Churchill's Bodyguard, a 13 part series begins on November 21st on UKTV History.

It tells the fascinating story of Churchill, arguably one of the greatest statesmen of all time, and the job of his bodyguard Walter Thompson, known as Winston's Shadow. He was Churchill's bodyguard for 13 years.

Read an interview with the shows producer here.

September 2005

The Music Library 

October sees the release of The Library Music book, a fantastic compilation of production music cover art including many De Wolfe and libraries work from the 50s, 60s & 70s.

The book also comes with an exclusive CD of rare library tracks.

Buy the book on Amazon here

August 2005

Downloadable de Wolfe Music 

De Wolfe introduces its music download service in the UK.
Every track from every CD is now available to download in pristine broadcast quality WAV format or MP3s at 320 and 128kbps. Register for downloads


August 2005

Ian Boddy interview - Sound on Sound August 2005 

In this month's Sound On Sound magazine de Wolfe composer Ian Boddy gives a fascinating
insight into his career and approach to music.
Ian is one of Britain's leading electronic musicians as well as a pioneer in sound design. In the interview he talks about his recordings, playing live, writing for de Wolfe, and his most recent innovative work.

The August 2005 issue of Sound On Sound features the interview with Ian plus an article on the recording of Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds, plus all the latest equipment reviews, techniques and tutorials.

The August issue is also sees the first SOS DVD Rom featuring over two and a half hours of video interviews, documentaries and tutorials, plus in excess of 150 minutes of music and audio examples.

 Sound On Sound website here

August 2005

De Wolfe go ape with Gorillaz

Check out the amazing new #1album 'Demon Days' from the animated trip hop group Gorillaz featuring De Wolfe's track 'Dank Earth' by Don Harper.

Congratulations to Murdoc, Noodle, Russel and 2D on a stunning record.

Hear the album on their webiste here 

August 2005

Tribute to Basil Kirchin 1927-2005

Basil Kirchin was a pioneer of avant-garde film and television music, a renowned jazz musician and a good friend of de Wolfe music. Sadly Basil passed away in June and will be greatly missed.
"Three or four decades on the world within our world that Basil Kirchin uncovered remains deep and unnerving, familiar and alien" Bob Stanley Mojo Magazine July 2005
Abstractions of the Industrial North and The Wild One Recorded for the de Wolfe library in the mid-sixties Kirchin hand-picked the musicians for this project. They included Jimmy Page, Tubby Hayes, Big Jim Sullivan and Clem Cattini. 'Only the best toughest and tightest'.

Abstractions of the Industrial North's session produced some of Basil's most beautiful music that thankfully is now available on CD for the first time here on Amazon.


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