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June 2014

De Wolfe Music Have A Brand New Look.

We are happy to show off our new logo and new look website.

Check out the keyword search bar to help you find that perfect piece of music for your project. Add your music to a playlist which you can later share with a client or colleague. You can also download every piece of de Wolfe music in many different formats at the click of a button. 

Go give it a try!


November 2013

De Wolfe releases Witchfinder General Soundtrack

Available for the very first time, the original soundtrack to the cult classic Witchfinder General. Composed by Paul Ferris the album includes all 31 tracks from the original film, plus 2 bonus tracks, all digitally remastered from de Wolfe's original master tapes.

Read more about the production process here.

Available now: De Wolfe Shop | Amazon | iTunes

June 2013

De Wolfe Soundtracks ‘Dates' & ‘Skins'

The new TV show from ‘Skins' creator, Bryan Elsey, aired to critical acclaim this month.
The 9-episode series, entitled ‘Dates', aired on Channel 4 and included incidental music predominantly from De Wolfe's various piano jazz albums.
Meanwhile, the seventh series of popular teen drama ‘Skins', entitled ‘Skins Redux' is on air from the 1st July and also features a variety of De Wolfe Music's more contemporary tracks. Listen to The Jazz Years - Jazz Piano Part 2.

May 2013

Town with Nicholas Crane Gets Second Series

The second series of the popular show in which Nicholas Crane explores towns all over the UK has begun on BBC2 for a four-part series.

Music provided by de Wolfe for the series includes the title theme, which uses ‘From Above' by Will Slater, while the rest of the series features numerous incidental tracks across a variety of genres.

Watch clips of the show on iPlayer here

March 2013

De Wolfe used in 'To The Wonder' film trailer

The trailer for the new Terence Malick-directed film, 'To The Wonder', starring Ben Affleck, Javier Bardem and Olga Kurylenko is currentlyshowing in UK cinemas.
It features the 'strings-only' version of an uplifting orchestral track by de Wolfe composer, Andy Quin, entitled 'Awakening', taken from 'The World Around Us' double-album.

Three versions of Awakenings are available commercially to download from

Watch the trailer on our Video Channel here

February 2013

BT is all smiles for new TV commercial

Currently showing on TV channels across the UK is a new animated commercial for British Telecom's 118 500 directory enquiries service.

The series of brief ads use a catchy, whistled track taken from the De Wolfe album, 'Smile & Whistle' by Armand Frydman and Rene Mirat called ‘Let's Go'.


Watch the Advert on our YouTube Channel here 

Jan 2013

Talented Beatboxer ‘Shlomo' Records for De Wolfe 

The ‘World Loopstation Champion' beatboxing phenomenon known as Shlomo has released a series of exclusive tracks for De Wolfe clients to download.

The set of six pieces showcase Shlomo's hard-hitting beatbox technique which uses looping effects to layer up complex textures, basslines and melodies. His unique style has received huge acclaim from both the music press and his contemporaries worldwide, leading to collaborations with the likes of Björk, The Specials, Jarvis Cocker, Ed Sheeran, Hexstatic and Imogen Heap among others. Listen to Shlomo's tracks here.

Watch Shlomo Perform live for Channel 4 here

October 2012

De Wolfe on the Big Screen Again 

Music from the De Wolfe catalogue has found its way onto another Hollywood production, entitled ‘Dark Horse' from Double Hope Films. Directed by Todd Solondz, the film features Selma Blair, Zachary Booth, Mia Farrow and Christpher Walken.

Two pieces by De Wolfe composers were used in the film; 'Your Music', a romantic track taken from Andy Quin's 'Easy Jazz, Easy Listening' album, and 'Looking at You', a smooth jazz track by John Altman from the 'Jazz Years' series.


Watch the trailer on YouTube here

October 2012

De Wolfe Adds Spice to Hoffman's ‘Quartet' Film 

Dustin Hoffman's makes his directorial debut with the release of ‘Quartet', based around a Ronald Harwood play set in a retirement home for opera singers. The romantic comedy features a star-studded cast including Michael Gambon, Billy Connolly, Maggie Smith and Pauline Collins.

The recording and mixing of the musical score, composed by Dario Marianelli, took place at De Wolfe's Angel Recording Studios, while a memorable dance scene in the film uses ‘Colombia Cumbia' by de Wolfe composers Javier Fioramonti and Toby Herschmann.

Watch a clip on our Video Channel here

September 2012

Paul Leonard-Morgan Scores 'Dredd' Movie

De Wolfe composer Paul Leonard-Morgan has supplied a dark and industrial soundtrack to the film 'Dredd' starring Karl Urban as the iconic cartoon copper. Already receiving glowing reviews from both sides of the Atlantic, the film is out on general release this month.

Leonard-Morgan is well known for his music throughout the popular 'Spooks' TV show and last year scored the film 'Limitless' starring Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro. He's written several albums of music for de Wolfe, including Positivity 1 and Positivity 2 and Creative World.

Listen to clips from the 'Dredd' soundtrack here

Watch the trailer on YouTube here

September 2012

De Wolfe Caters for Ramsay  

TV Chef Gordon Ramsay's 48-episode series ‘Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course' shown on Channel 4. Each episode begins with de Wolfe track, ‘Dig Your Scene' by Sir Bald from his ‘Garage Punk' album, while much of the incidental music throughout the series, as well as the closing titles, were also supplied by de Wolfe.

Listen to more from Sir Bald here

Watch the show on 4od here

May 2012

Miranda Hart and Müller Team Up

A new commercial for Müller Corners has been showing on UK television screens lately. The new ‘Best of British' campaign includes a tongue-in-cheek voiceover from Miranda Hart and a music track from de Wolfe.

The music used in the ad is an elegant orchestral piece by de Wolfe composer, David Kelly. The track was specially commissioned for the project.

Watch the Advert on our YouTube channel here

April 2012

The Fisherman's Apprentice with Monty Halls

Popular marine biologist Monty Halls has been investigating life as a fisherman and what's really involved in getting seafood onto our plate during his interesting and poignant series for BBC2.

First shown on February 2012, the 6-episode series includes several music tracks from de Wolfe which evoke the spectacular scenery in the series. An accompanying book to the series is available from, alongside a DVD box set of his hugely popular ‘Great Escape' series, which similarly features extensive music from de Wolfe.

Watch clips on iPlayer here

January 2012

Mini Countryman Idents Air on The Jonathan Ross Show

Shown on ITV1's The Jonathan Ross Show, the weird and wonderful series of sponsorship idents for the Mini Countryman featuring 5 chubby samurai, 2 tired beehives, 3058 glass eyes, 12 rapping puffer fish, 5 leaf blowers, 4 ghosts... and 1 skunk.

The idents were produced with cutting-edge photoreal CG and are being shown in full 3D in cinemas. The short and quirky excerpts of music used in the idents are cleverly edited pieces from various minimalist, jazz and avant-garde albums dug out of de Wolfe's vast and varied catalogue.

Watch the advert on our Video Channel here

December 2011

Jaguar & Land Rover Launch New Promos

Two promotional films to promote Jaguar and Land Rover cars using music from de Wolfe.
The slick and stylish short films needed some contemporary yet elegant music to match the futuristic imagery used to portray the latest car models, so the de Wolfe production, Riffs and Rhythms From The Leftfield was an ideal match for the Jaguar film, which used the track 'If You Want It', composed by Howie.

Meanwhile, 'Creation and Innovation 1' taken from Creative World, an album of solid big beats and elegant strings by the prolific BAFTA award-winning composer Paul Leonard-Morgan (‘Spooks' / ‘Silent Witness'), was chosen for the Land Rover film.

Watch the promo on our YouTube channel here

November 2011

Turners turn to de Wolfe

Turner Broadcasting, which encompasses The Cartoon Network, CNN, Adult Swim and TCM channels among others, have used a variety of music from de Wolfe in their new online promo series of videos to highlight the latest enhancements to their Turner Classic Movies UK website,

Watch the advert on our Youtube Channel here

November 2011

Specsavers and Ramsay Team Up

Gordon Ramsay has featured in a television commercial for Specsavers in which a relaxation session turns to embarrassment for one hapless individual. A short-sighted man mistakes Ramsay's vaporous kitchen for the hotel steam room and seats his naked self on the chopping counter, much to the surprise of the laconic chef.

The commercial for the UK opticians needed a comical and light-hearted soundtrack, so de Wolfe's ‘Cliché Favourites' series on the Hudson label was an obvious choice, with 'InHouse' by Peter Fenn from 'Cliché Favourites 2' being used alongside 'Black Velvet' by Keith Papworth which features on the de Wolfe album, 'Wallpaper Music'.

Watch the advert on our Video Channel here

August 2011

Town With Nicholas Crane Now Showing 

A new four-part series from the BBC and Open University showing on BBC2 until September. ‘Town', presented by Nicolas Crane, celebrates the forgotten world of thetown as he visits Scarborough, Totnes, Ludlow and Perth.

Music for the series includes tracks from de Wolfe's libraries across a variety of genres, including the opening titles which uses ‘Montage' by Peter Howard Morris and ‘From Above' by Will Slater.

Watch clips on iPlayer here

August 2011

New Monty Series Airs

The latest series of the popular explorer Monty Halls is currently showing on BBC2 and iPlayer with a major proportion of the music being provided by de Wolfe, including the front titles composed by Paul Lawler.

‘Monty Halls' Great Irish Escape' sees him returning to his marine biologist roots while living in the West Irish fishing town of Roundstone. During the 6-episode series, Monty tracks down and tags basking sharks, swims with dolphins and goes fishing for blue sharks along the picturesque Irish coast. The current series will air until 22nd September, while all three of Monty Halls' series are available to buy on DVD for those who missed them.

Watch clips on iPlayer here

August 2011

Praise for De Wolfe Music 

De Wolfe has provided several incidental tracks for a three-episode Songs of Praise special from the Kingdom of Fife.

The final episode of the three, filmed in Dunfermline Abbey Church, will show on Sunday 21st August.

July 2011

De Wolfe Tracks Used in New Docuseries

A new documentary series airs this month with a variety of tracks from the de Wolfe catalogue. The show, Wildlife Patrol, follows the work of the National Wildlife Crime Unit as it tackles crimes against wildlife and endangered species.

The six episode-long docuseries is on air from July 19th.

July 2011

De Wolfe Soundtracks Nestlé Advert

British Olympic diver Tom Daley is fronting the Get Set Go Free campaign this summer for Nestlé , which is giving away free sporting opportunities in exchange for vouchers found on its products.

The uplifting backing track for the nation-wide TV campaign was specially composed by de Wolfe composer Howie.

Watch the advert on our Youtube Channel here

June 2011

Orange Cinema Commercial Uses De Wolfe Music

Currently showing in cinemas across the UK is a new commercial for Orange which features a track from de Wolfe's Rouge catalogue.

The commercial ties in with the major forthcoming film, ‘Potiche' starring Gerard Depardieu and Catherine DeNeuve. It's described as the ‘French feel-good film of the year' and, being set in the Seventies means the use of Jack Trombey's uplifting disco track, 'Moving On In' , was the perfect choice to evoke the era.

Watch the advert on our YouTube Channel here

March 2011

De Wolfe Music Features in New Series

A new BBC series which began in March is currently making extensive use of the de Wolfe piece, ‘Intolerance', by Frédéric Talgorn.

‘See You in Court' (BBC) follows 12 high profile libel cases featuring characters like Lembik Opik and Sheryl Gascoigne as they battle with the press in the courts over articles written about them.

The ominous and powerful piece serves as the perfect theme tune. Frédéric Talgorn, a veteran of the soundtrack genre, having composed soundtracks for film & TV for acclaimed French films ‘Molière' and ‘Tellement Proches', and cult classics ‘Fortress', ‘Heavy Metal 2000'.

More infomation on BBC website here

February 2011

Little Big Planet Returns

The highly anticipated sequel to the popular Little Big Planet computer game was released this month, and it again features the classic de Wolfe track Left Bank 2 by Wayne Hill, performed by The Noveltones.

Left Bank 2 was of course originally the ‘Gallery' theme for children's BBC art shows Vision On and Take Hart.

Fans of the Noveltones' track can find it on de Wolfe's retrospective album of classic TV and Radio themes; ‘Top Dog', available from

Listen to it on ur YouTube Channel here

November 2010

Angel Studios launch re-vamped website

Angel Studios have completely re-designed their website! With detailed, updated photos of Angel's three studios, new equipment and microphone lists, a news page and much more, the improved site gives a comprehensive overview of the recording complex, its staff and clients.

Based in Islington, Angel Studios was converted from an old church by de Wolfe and hosts some of the world's finest composers for anything from major Hollywood and UK film productions to television scores, major orchestras and chart-topping pop and rock acts.

Recent projects completed at Angel include soundtrack for Never Let Me Go, starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan, and pop artists Adele,Westlife, The X Factor, Cee-Lo Green and James Blunt have recently been in. Check out the site here

Visit the site here

November 2010

Shaw Brothers Kung-Fu Classics Re-Released 

Kung Fu film fans out there will be delirious with the news that several of the Shaw Brother's classics, which de Wolfe supplied incidental music and title themes for during the ‘70's and ‘80's, have been re-released on DVD and in several new box-sets.

November 9th sees the release of the swordplay classicsBastard Swordsman (1983) and Return Of The Bastard Swordsman (1984), andShaolin Mantis (1978) is out on November 16th, while other titles with de Wolfe soundtracks including The Brave Archer, Two Champions of Shaolin, Shaolin Intruders, Legendary Weapons of China and many more are now available in the ‘Legendary Heroes' series of box-sets.

The music from the plethora of Shaw Brother's films soundtracked by de Wolfe is available on our commercial release, Kung Fu Supersounds, available over at the de Wolfe shop, iTunes and all good online retail outlets.

Watch a Classic clip from SB here

October 2010

De Wolfe to release 'Top Dog: A Retrospective of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982'

Out on November the 8th, 'Top Dog' is the long-anticipated fourth album in the de Wolfe commercial series, celebrating 100 years of outstanding production music from the prolific vaults of de Wolfe publishing.

The 26 tracks on the album are a mixture of some of the nation's favourite television and radio themes including Vision On, Roobarb, Monty Python's Flying Circus, George & Mildred and the classic number one single Eye Level, a.k.a. the theme from Van der Valk. There's also many more iconic and instantly recognisable cues on the album, including some previously unreleased specially composed cues that have never before seen the light of day, even as ‘library' releases. All the tracks have been lovingly re-mastered from the original tapes.

Buy Top Dog here.

May 2010

5 Commercial Releases from the Rouge Back Catalogue

Voiceprint Records, one of the leading independent record companies in the world, has recently licensed five albums from the Rouge Music Catalogue.

Under the banner 'Music for TV and Film', albums by Darryl Way (Curved Air), Anthony Phillips (Genesis), Kevin Peek (Sky), Karl Jenkins (Soft Machine/Adiemus) and Mike Ratledge (Soft Machine) have been released. All of these artists contributed to Rouge in the early stages of their careers and these recordings prove interesting and collectable to their fans.


April 2010

De Wolfe Provides Music For Monty

The second season of Tigress Productions' highly popular 'Monty Halls' Great Hebridean Escape' sees marine biologist and professional diver Monty Halls move into a restored crofter's cottage on the Hebridean island of North Uist and become a volunteer wildlife ranger for the duration of the six-part series.

De Wolfe provided roughly half of the incidental music throughout the entire series from its library, including several recently commissioned tracks by composer Simon Stewart, while commercial tracks completed the rest of the score.

To hear some more of Simon Stewart's tracks, click here.

January 2010

Ian Dury Biopic to be Released with Music from De Wolfe

The new Mat Whitecross film, “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”, a biopic of the legendary Blockheads' singer Ian Dury, is due in cinemas on January 8th with a cast including Ray Winstone, Naomie Harris, Mackenzie Crook and Andy Serkis as Dury.

De Wolfe provided the incidental music for the film, while the Blockheads tracks themselves were re-recorded by the original band members with Serkis on vocals.

P.S. 12th Feb - Since writing, Andy Serkis has won the Evening Standard film award for Best Actor. Congratulations to him, we hope it'll be the first of many!

Watch the trailer on YouTube here

November 2009

Little Big Planet, featuring Left Bank 2, wins ‘Game Of The Year' 2009

Congratulations to Molecule Media, who have scored a massive hit in the gaming world this year with their groundbreaking family-friendly game, ‘Little Big Planet'.

The game has won awards in several categories at the 2009 Interactive Achievement Awards, including the coveted overall ‘Game of the Year' prize from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

The game includes the popular de Wolfe track ‘Left Bank 2' by Wayne Hill, which is available for LBP fans to buy from the dewolfeshop here

October 2009

De Wolfe Down Under

De Wolfe has provided the new theme tune for the popular ‘Lateline' show in Australia. ‘Lateline' is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news analysis program which airs at 10.30pm every evening.

The title track is Dave Sharp's ‘Hitting Headlines'.

October 2009

Theme from ‘Man About the House' Used in the BBC's Top Gear

Anyone who caught the last episode in the current series of Top Gear on BBC2 may have noticed the track
'Up to Date', Johnny Hawksworth's theme tune to seventies sitcom ‘Man About The House', produced and published by de Wolfe.

In one of the funniest Top Gear episodes ever, Clarkson and May were tasked with becoming ‘Ad Men' and making a TV commercial for the new Volkswagen Sirocco TDi, most of which ended in explosions of some type. James May's early attempt featured a flatulent mother-in-law in the back seat, with the theme tune to the sitcom in the background.

Watch the clips on Top Gear website here.

March 2009

Music from Monty Python's Flying Circus Released

Tracks from the classic 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' TV series has been released for the first time ever as the next instalment in the de Wolfe commercial series of albums.

Described by Terry Jones as "the only record you can play 'What's That Sketch?' with", the album has music from classic Python skits which originally aired between 1969 - 1974, like 'Russian 42nd International Clambake' and the 'Spot The Loony' sketch, all previously unreleased and remastered for the 30-track album.

It's a must for Python fans. Order your copy from the de Wolfe Shop.

January 2009

De Wolfe Celebrates its Centenary

De Wolfe has reached a milestone in its history this year, a remarkable one hundred years after its foundation by Meyer de Wolfe in 1909. The company has since developed into the world's largest independent production music library with over 80,000 tracks, most of which can be downloaded from this site, and boasts credits ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to computer games, advertising campaigns and British sitcoms.

Having supplied music to the UK's first ever TV commercial, won an Ivor Novello Award, reached number one in the UK charts, built its own studio complex, released the world's first digital music library, published some of the UK's best known theme tunes and even recently been sampled by Beyoncé, de Wolfe can not only look on its past with pride but also to its future with confidence.

By continually tracking the very latest musical trends and technologies, de Wolfe is at the forefront of today's ever-changing media service industry. An international market leader with the service values of a family independent, the present day company is exactly how Meyer de Wolfe would have wanted it!



October 2008

Commercial Release: ‘Kung Fu Supersounds' is Out Now!

With the help of Joel Martin, one half of Quiet Village, we've compiled some rare slices of OST ephemera from the de Wolfe library used in the legendary Shaw Brothers' Kung Fu movies during the seventies and early eighties. Released through de Wolfe's fledgling commercial label, the original cues have all been put together for an epic 43 track album to produce what has to be the ultimate ‘must-have' release this year for cult film and soundtrack boffins everywhere.

The Shaw Brothers made the original martial arts movies, which were shown late-night to the Far East blue collar crowd hungry for action and thrills. The films spawned a plethora of spin-offs and copies, and are the acknowledged inspiration behind Quentin Tarantino's ‘Kill Bill' films (The Shaw's “SB” logo was shown at the beginning of the movie!) - but none have quite captured the gritty delights of the originals. Kung Fu Supersounds consists of some of the best and most innovative scores from those cult classics, including Return To The 36th Chamber (1980) and Invincible Shaolin (1978), and many more.

Order your copy here

November 2008

'Little Big Planet' Featuring The Noveltones is Released

One of the hotly anticipated releases of the year for the PS3 – Little Big Planet – has finally hit the shops to a euphoric reception from the gaming press. The game includes the ‘60s de Wolfe classic ‘Left Bank 2' by Wayne Hill, performed by The Noveltones, and has clocked up a series of five-star reviews and praise for its revolutionary customisable gameplay.

The Times say that “you can customise your doll character, decorate the landscape and then race through the levels either on your own or with friends online. The title is highly imaginative, with swish stylised graphics. It also has a surreal and very British sense of humour.”

For those who want to download the track from the game, it's on sale here.

September 2008

De Wolfe Soundtracks Outrageous New Show on ITV2

De Wolfe has supplied music for a new 6-part series on ITV2. ‘No Heroics' is on every Thursday at 10.30pm. Described as a cross between “Heroes”, “Cheers” and “The Office,” the show follows four friends and superheroes that spend their off-duty time hanging out at the local hero pub, The Fortress.

According to the preview “they drink, curse, bitch, moan, and complain about the lack of respect they get from the populace at large. It's a peculiarly British take on the world of superheroes, which means self-loathing, self-deprecation, and sexual innuendo…”

Watch the trailer on our Youtube Channel here.

May 2008

The Noveltones Return

De Wolfe artists The Noveltones, who performed 'The Gonk' and 'Left Bank 2' kitch classics, are back in demand! 'Left Bank 2', which was originally used as the gallery sequence for the BBC series ‘Vision On' and is a tune that crops up everywhere from Top Gear to commercials for Picture Loans, will be used in a new game for the Playstation 3. The Noveltones are set to feature on the soundtrack alongside unlikely counterparts The Go Team and the influential Malian composer Toumani Diabete.

The game, a twist on the 'platform' format called Little Big Planet, has been developed by British company Media Molecule for Sony and is already drawing interest in the gaming world, despite it not being due for release until September 2008. Games industry pundits are expecting the game to be a landmark and Slashdot Games editor Michael Zenke is predicting that the game could be the PlayStation 3's killer application; "if these elements are for real, this is the reason to buy PlayStation 3" he said.

Listen on our Youtube Channel here.

January 2008

De Wolfe in ‘Sicko' Shock Doc

Michael Moore is rocking the boat again as his new documentary, ‘Sicko' hits the shops on DVD this week. This time his usual acerbic with is directed at Nixon's promotion of HMOs in the seventies and health care in the United States compared to free, universal care in other countries. Despite stepping on a few toes the film got a big thumbs up at Cannes and critics have claimed it his best work yet.

De Wolfe is proud to have had several tracks included in the milestone documentary, with more featured on parts of the DVD. Tracks from the de Wolfe library by Paul Lawler, Frederic Talgorn, Jack Trombey, Tim Souster and Simon Haseley all make an appearance.

Recently de Wolfe has had a slew of tracks used in Hollywood; The Simpsons Movie, American Gangster, Talladega Nights, Nancy Drew and Tarantino's Grindhouse all include music from our library. Lets hope there's more to come - watch this space for news of any more de Wolfe tracks gracing the big screen. 

November 2007

Deadly Avenger - Blossoms & Blood

Serial de Wolfe sampler Deadly Avenger is at it again with his new album Blossoms & Blood. The first track on the new album "We Took Vegas" samples the classic Simon Hasely track "Hammerhead".
The last track on the album 'Exit' also samples a classic Simon Hasely track "Precinct".

Blossoms & Blood gets a big thumbs up from us at de Wolfe and is due for release early 2008. 

Listen to 'We Took Vegas on Youtube here.

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