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De Wolfe Music USA

De Wolfe Music Go State Side!

De Wolfe Music USA. Helmed by seasoned music executive Joel Feinberg and staffed with professionals in both the licensing and music production worlds, de Wolfe Music USA is positioned to assist with any person, company or institution located within the United States that wishes to score their productions with music of the highest quality. 

Our team of experienced tastemakers are on hand to help realize the scope and vision of your project.  Whether your production calls for one of the 80,000 tracks in the ever-expanding de Wolfe Music Library, an original score, commercial music clearance, or world renowned sound effects, we have you covered.

US licencing information - click here.

Please feel free to contact at:

37 West 17th Street, 
7th Floor Suite E,
New York
Tel: 1 212-259-0524


Our Latest Production Music Recordings

De Wolfe Music Showreel 2015
Moncler Fall /Winter 2015: Icelandic Fantasy with Annie Leibovitz
Music Sync Featuring 'Special Operations' by Matt Norman

Petrolicious - One Man's Alpine Awakening
Music Sync featuring Diego Fontecilla, Jake Irwin & Alex Norton, Tim Whitelaw,

Honey Maid #ShareSmore Camping in Brooklyn
Music Sync featuring 'Come To Life' by William Henries & Steven Haller