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Quick guide

With the launch of our website, we’ve simplified and enhanced the search and download portal and added some exciting features. We thought we'd give you some tips and tricks on navigating the site and finding the perfect music for your production.

Using the site

Using the site is simple to use and available to everyone. Even without a de Wolfe account you're able to search, play and create playlists.

Setting up an account for downloads is easy, just click the 'Register' button at the top right hand corner of your screen, and fill in the relevant registration page. We’ll quickly check your registration before sending you a login password, or we may get in touch to see how we can help you.

Once logged in, you can start downloading tracks, albums and your created playlists.


The Media Player

   This is the play button.

   This button will add the selected track to your open playlist.

  The magical 'More Like This' button. If you love a track and want to hear similar works, click this button. This will show you a selection tracks of a similar style and feel.

   This is the download button, you will be prompted with a window asking which file type you would like. You will only see this button if you are logged in. You must be registered with de Wolfe to download music. Register here.

To see 60 second, 30 second and sting versions of the track press the   button. This will produce a drop down menu showing these.
(Note that not all tracks have alternate versions)

Searching Music

With 80,000 tracks in our library, we have worked hard to make it easy for you to find the track you are looking for quickly.
Here are some tips for navigating the site like a pro.

Keyword Searches

  • Simply type a keyword in the search bar and you will see a drop down menu of options to choose from. 

  • Choose whichever keyword works best and a list will populate based on your option.
    This function can also be used to search track titles, album names, album numbers, record label and composers.

  • And don't worry if no drop down menu appears, hit enter and it may bring up some results...

Related Keyword Searching

Clicking the track title will bring up the corresponding track's page, showing more information including: alternate versions, publisher, library, composer, ISWC & Cat Numbers and Related Keywords.

If you like the 'Club' feel of the piece. Selecting this keyword will  produce a search for other 'Club' tracks through our catalogue. Choose any combination of these keywords to create new search parameters. (please note that the more keywords use, the fewer results)

Keyword Searching Albums

  • Search for whole albums related to a keyword. Simply click the word 'albums' on the search bar (turning it red), type in your keyword(s) and voilà!

Advanced Search & Browse Function


  • 'Browse' shows you common lists of genres, instruments, moods and usages; great if you are struggling to find the style for your search. Click the 'Browse' tab on the right of the search bar, this will produce a drop down menu showing these options.

Advanced Search

  • The 'Advanced' search function allows you to filter through results based on label, track length and tempo. Do this by selecting the 'Advanced' tab to the right of the search bar (below browse), you will see a drop down menu showing the three choices. When you search a keyword you will also see a number of results in each label and have the option of isolating results based on a specific label.



Playlists are a brilliant way of organising your discovered tracks in a way that works for you. Collate, download and share.

They can be found on the left hand column of any search result page and in 'My Account', linked at the top right of the site.

Adding Tracks to Playlists

  • Can't see how to add a track to a playlist? No worries, it's the  button on the right hand side of the track, and will now be visible in which ever playlist you have open.

Playlists Functions (Editing, Sharing, Exporting, Downloading & Deleting)

Once you have put together a playlist, you may want to download them? 
Clicking the  button allows you to download all the tracks at once.

To access the playlist functions, click the  button to the right of the playlist's title.
This opens up the function section for the playlist where you will have the option to edit, share, export or delete the playlist.

 Clicking the info button will show you any notes you have made on the playlist, to alter these notes - see below.
  The edit button allows you to change the playlist title or any notes you have previously made.
  The share button creates a link for that specific playlist. Great for sending music discoveries to clients & fellow employees.
  The export button will download an Excel document with detailed, relevant info on the tracks (E.g Cat. No & ISWC codes). 
  Clicking the delete button will completely remove playlist. You will be prompted to make sure this is what you want to do.

What The Playlist Buttons Do...

  This button means play.

  This button will take you to the corresponding track's page, showing more information including alternate versions.

  This is the track delete button. There is no 'undo' for this action, so be sure you want to remove the piece before clicking.

  This is the track download button. Only the track will be downloaded, to download the playlist click the  button.

Creating A New Playlist

  • To create a new playlist, navigate to the playlists column on the left hand side of the screen and hit the  .  A box will appear where you can enter your custom info, including any notes you wish to make.  Your new playlist will now appear in the playlist column.


Re-ordering tracks in your playlists

  • To change the order of tracks in your playlist, hover the cursor over the track until you see a hand icon.  Then click and hold and move the track up or down as desired.

  • You can even move tracks between playlists.  To do so is the same as before, click and drag to the track playlist, you'll see the playlist titles will turn from red to blue.  That track will now show up in the new playlist.
    (Just to note that this doesn't delete the track from the original playlist, but creates a copy in the chosen playlist)


In order to to download, you must be registered with us. You can register here (it doesn't take long). We’ll quickly check your registration before sending you a login password, or we may even get in touch to see how we can be of help. 

Once registered, downloading is very easy. You have the ability to download tracks, albums and even your own created playlists in a file format or your choice.

Downloading A Track

Click the  button. You should see this located to the far right of each track.

Downloading An Album

Click the  button. You'll see this located to the right the album art below the description.

Downloading A Playlist

You are able to download a playlist in two places.

  1. The left hand playlist column by clicking the  button, located to the right of the playlists title.

  2. And also in 'My Account', just click the  button this again found to the far right of the playlist title.



File Formats

After pressing the download button, the following prompt will come up after pressing a download button. Once you've selected a file format, click download and the file or ZIP. file will be found in the 'Downloads' folder of your computer.

If you are registered and still cannot see a download button, just check and make sure you are actually logged in. If you still find you have a problem, contact one of our team and we will correct the issue right away.


Still having problems? Please contact your local de Wolfe agent here, and we will do all we can to help.